Automated Data Push

A Custom Data Export is an automated extraction of predefined fields of data from the Terra Dotta system as a flat file placed on the client’s Terra Dotta provided SSH folder. This information can then be consumed by another client system such as a SIS, Data Warehouse, or campus-wide reporting system.

Terra Dotta’s standard procedure is to identify applicants through client defined saved application/record queries and query watches. The client defined query watch will call a custom process to export predefined applicant information. The custom process can be called by multiple client defined application/record queries and query watches.

Delimited flat files (TSV, CSV, pipe, etc.) or XML are supported. (Very elaborate XML specifications/DTD may increase project scope.) The content of the exported data requires the most analysis and planning including, but not limited to, any required translation logic for data elements included in the export.

Ongoing Maintenance

As a custom add-on to the Terra Dotta application, Custom Actions are subject to forwardcompatibility issues, though unlikely. As a new release approaches, the client may request that Terra Dotta perform an assessment of the compatibility of the Custom Action. The cost of the assessment, and any work required to bring the Custom Action into compliance, will be charged on an hourly basis.

If other work is ever requested to either troubleshoot, fix or amend the programming of Custom Action, that work is also billable hourly as a professional service. This excludes most work and adjustments during initial development and testing. However, extensive changes to the specifications during development could result in additional changes.