ISSS Legacy System Data Migration


For clients who have previously used another SEVIS batching solution, implementation of Terra Dotta's ISSS software may include copying important student records from the legacy system to the new TDS site.

All TDS sites contain tools for admins to manually create records and upload documents and additional information to those records. This manual process doesn't require IT support or incur any professional service fees, but it may be time-consuming for the functional office to create and update a large volume of historical records.

For interested clients, Terra Dotta offers a one-time professional service to migrate student and scholar data (e.g. biographic information, notes, tasks, documents, custom fields) from the legacy SEVIS batching system to the new TDS site.

For more information, and to secure a price quote, implementing clients should speak to their Implementation Specialist, or open a case in Terra Dotta's support system.

Technical Information

To complete the migration, clients will be required to securely transfer their legacy data to Terra Dotta. Once the data has been received, Terra Dotta will:

  • Extract the relevant data
  • Create the relevant records in the TDS site
  • Import the data and attach it to the correct records in TDS