Integration with Payment Gateway Services

Terra Dotta provides payment gateway integrations to accept credit card payments with these three supported payment gateway vendors:

  • PayPal - Payflow Pro
  • TouchNet - T-Link uPay
  • CashNet - eMarket

Integrations with other payment gateway providers may be possible as custom projects. Each will be considered on a case by case basis.

Standard Workflow

This section describes the applicant experience while using the payment gateway solution.

Step 1: Material Submission Pay Button

The institution’s Terra Dotta Software (TDS) administrator will provide Terra Dotta a list of designated Material submissions that are to be set as payable items through the payment gateway.

Applicants are presented with a Pay Now button that will direct them to the payment gateway vendor within the same window as the Material submission. This ensures a seamless experience for the applicant.

Sample Pay Button in a Material Windows

Step 2: Applicant Makes A Transaction

The applicant enters the required financial information on the payment gateway vendor’s site. The exact information needed differs from each vendor, but is typically the name, billing address, credit card number, and security code. Some vendors request an email address so a copy of the receipt can be sent via email. TDS does not send email receipts to applicants for successful or failed payments.

Sample Vendor Transaction Screen

Step 3: Recording Successful Transaction

Once a transaction is successfully processed, the applicant will be directed back to TDS within the same window. The material submission associated with the successful payment will be automatically marked as received and the applicant can continue with the application process.

Successful Payment Screen Checkbox


A stock report will be provided containing a standard set of information which can be used to track payment materials marked as received.

The following items will be populated with applicant payment information:

● First Name

● Middle Name

● Last Name

● Email Address

● Application ID

● Payment Date

● Material ID

● Material Title

● Material Notes

● Program Name

● Program Year

● Program Term

● Amount

The following items may be populated with applicant payment information depending on the payment gateway vendor:

● Order Number:(Order ID:)(Receipt Number:)

● Transaction number:(Transaction ID:)(Approval Code:)

● Account Code

● Type of card

● Last 4 digits of card.


A Payment Gateway Integration with one of the listed vendors above is a one time $1,500 integration fee and an annual $500 maintenance fee. Some Terra Dotta solutions offer additional options for an extra cost. A statement of work will be provided outlining the project, all parties responsibilities, and the costs. Please email for more information.

Technical Note

Terra Dotta payment gateway integrations are designed to support a one to one integration between a payment gateway vendor account and a Terra Dotta Site. If the payment gateway vendor account is being used by other institutional departments outside of a Terra Dotta site, the account may have integration settings which will need to change or another account with the vendor may be needed to integrate with a Terra Dotta site. Please ask the appropriate institutional office (Finance, Bursar, IT) if this is the case and let Terra Dotta know so we can provide additional information about possible limitations.