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Upon receiving the Terra Dotta Software (TDS) contract, Terra Dotta will provision two sites; a production site and a sandbox/test site. Once created, a kickoff meeting will be held between the Terra Dotta Client Services Manager and the functional office. The kickoff meeting will provide the functional office with an understanding of the overall project from start to finish. Resources for how to prepare for the project, in addition to 'next steps' will be provided. Before the implementation project officially begins, there will be two integration preparation meetings between Terra Dotta, the functional office, and the client's IT group.

Project Timeline & Preparation

The TDS Implementation project will consist of six different phases. Each phase is for a concentrated amount of time and in all, the project will span a total of 8 weeks. A successful implementation requires not only active participation from the functional office, but organized resources that can be provided to the TDS Implementation Specialist. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Links or electronic files of the existing application process
  • Access to existing programs, program details (terms, dates, location), and program requirements
  • List of needs, requirements, or goals that you want TDS to address (ex: a special report, ability to collect a specific piece of information)

*To aid with preparation, see TDS Study Abroad Site Build Planning Form.

Who's Involved with the implementation?

Institution Roles Responsibilities:

  • Project Champion:
    • Senior level person with a strong interest in the success of the project
    • Liaison with other campus departments as needed
  • Primary Admin:
    • Day-to-day owner of the project from ‘functional’ (client) department
    • Will be able to request maintenance permissions for functional office members
    • Should have a moderate level of technology skills
    • Can be the same person as project champion
  • Technical Lead:
    • IT leader responsible for facilitating data integration, secure campus login, DNS changes, and other technical requirements

Terra Dotta Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Implementation Manager
    • Serves as primary liaison with client during implementation period
    • Coordinates online meetings/calls between the TD team and client team
    • Provides direct support through case system and checkpoint meetings
    • Configures TDS to meet client’s business needs, leveraging best practices
    • Manages the project, driving all participants to meet milestones and maintain the schedule
  • Integration Specialist
    • Works with client’s IT team on the technical integration between TDS and SIS, including the Single Sign On configuration
  • Account Manager
    • Ensures information covered during initial contract discussions are conveyed to implementation team
    • Facilitates discussions if any additional services are requested
  • Client Services Manager
    • Periodically corresponds to check on progress and overall status/satisfaction of implementation