Study Abroad Standard Implementation

There are three different levels of a TDS implementation: Simplified, Standard, and Custom. The most common level is 'Standard'. Below is an example timeline of a standard implementation project. For more information about the Simplified or Custom levels of Implementation Assistance, please consult with your Terra Dotta Business Development Representative.

Phase 1: Plan (2 weeks)

Phase 2: Integrate (6 weeks)

    • Configure personalized URL, campus login, and data transfer
    • 2 intensive weeks; requires daily IT time commitment
    • 2 planning/preparation meetings will be held before project starts

Phase 3: Build (2 weeks)

    • TD Implementation Specialist builds programs, applications, and public website pages
    • Daily meetings with functional office to review site and conduct training during 2-week intensive build; requires daily functional office time commitment
    • Functional office training

Phase 4: Validate (2 weeks)

    • Functional office reviews site and validates the work completed by the Implementation Specialist
    • Functional office conducts user testing
    • Functional office training

Phase 5: Launch (2 weeks)

    • Begin accepting applications
    • 4 post-launch meetings with TD Implementation Specialist
    • End of Implementation Assistance
    • Functional office training

Phase 6: Maintain (ongoing)

    • Use and administer the TD site
    • Utilize TD support for help
    • Build additional programs/application types or configure additional features as desired