SIS/HR Data (Travel Registry)

Integration Configuration

Standard Fetch

The travel registry integration requires one data file that contains all potential applicants that may use the Terra Dotta system. This approach was designed for simplicity, requiring only one point of integration. The disadvantages of the standard approach center on the overhead and security concerns that accompany the export of potentially thousands of rows of personal data to a system that may only use a small fraction of that data.

Data file Specifications:

Data should be provisioned via a flat file and should meet the specifications outlined below:

  • Single record per user. (UUUIDs may not be duplicated in any single file)
  • All core required fields present and populated.
  • Tab-delimited (tsv) with any empty/null columns delimited with the appropriate number of tabs to maintain column alignment.
  • A header row with column descriptors is required. The header names are predefined and will be provided by Terra Dotta. Headers should not contain spaces or special characters except for underscores.
  • Field values must be trimmed. No space or other padding of field values is permitted.
  • Fields are single-valued. Any multivalued data will be imported as single values (will not be parsed). Core fields may not contain multiple values.
  • Row delimiter can be either LF or CRLF but must be consistent.

Data File Name:

Terra Dotta does require a standard file name for Travel Registry data files:

    • sis_hr_user_info.txt - this file must include a column flagging HR (faculty/staff) users.

Classification of Data

Data is classified as either core or custom data.

Core Data:

Core data fields are required pieces of information for any record provided via the integration.

Custom Data:

Custom data fields are additional pieces of information for any record provided via the integration. The mappings template below provides a list of standard student/applicant information fields included in a standard travel registry integration with Terra Dotta software from institution student information systems. In addition to the parameters below, you can provision other applicant parameters based on the tier that was originally purchased and the business need of the functional office:.

Integration Tiers:

Express: Standard Data Fields plus 5 custom data fields

Enterprise: Standard Data Fields plus 25 custom data fields

Standard Fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • HR Flag
  • Preferred name
  • Emergency contact name
  • Emergency contact relationship
  • Emergency contact phone
  • Ethnicity
  • Title
  • Class
  • Department
  • College
  • Major
  • Campus

Mappings Template:

To view the full spreadsheet, hover your mouse over the document, and click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner. Note: Terra Dotta will provide each travel registry client an individual mappings template

Travel Registry Mappings-Standard

You must receive approval from the data steward(s) or owner(s) on your campus to release the parameters via your selected data feed method