US Data Center

Hosting Environment

Terra Dotta provides hosting services using servers and data center facilities provided by, Inc, (aka HOSTING). HOSTING is a top-tier, SOC-audited provider, which operates 6 fully-redundant data center facilities nationwide. Terra Dotta's operations are hosted at the Louisville, KY, data center. All data center facilities include the following core features:

  • Sophisticated Facility Security - Security cameras, keycard entrances
  • 24 x 7 x 365 NOC Personnel
  • Redundant Power Feeds
  • Redundant UPS system for conditioned and consistent power, backed by diesel generators
  • Redundant network access points and multiple backbone providers

HOSTING's Louisville facility data sheet

Reporting on Controls

Terra Dotta Hosting Services are delivered using HOSTING’s data center in Louisville, KY which is annually certified to be in compliance with SOC2/SOC3. A SOC3 report for the current year is publicly available on the website. A SOC2 report is available upon request but requires a signed non-disclosure agreement before the report can be shared.

Technical Configuration

Terra Dotta's hosting operates in a two-tiered environment. Database processing operates on a separate server from the application and web services. Current server and firewall configuration are:

Web/Application Server

Multiple VMWare ESXi host servers maintain a private cloud of web application VM servers running Windows Server 2016 using IIS 7.0 websites together with ColdFusion 2018 Enterprise application server.

Database Server

Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise SP1, Microsoft SQL Server 2012.


Juniper SRX 345, two devices in an HA failover configuration.

Software and Data Storage Configuration

Each hosted account is set up with separate a database and file-system storage. The web application is instantiated from a shared code root. Customer information is segregated in application memory. No server-level access is granted to any customer except in separate, protected file directories over an SSH connection via SFTP or SCP (no shell access provided).

Backup, Recovery and Availability

Terra Dotta's hosted systems are backed up nightly, including database, user media files and application code, using CommVault enterprise networked backups, both within the local data center and to a remote mirror site ( in Newark, DE). A weekly backup is shipped to secure, AES256-encrypted cloud storage (Infrascale SOS Online Backup) outside of our data center. Recovery procedures will vary depending on the nature and severity of any critical event involving loss of data or hardware.

The Software and the Site will be available for normal use at least 99.7% of the time, 24 x 7 x 365, excluding scheduled maintenance.


All hosted production websites are protected in user-authenticated areas for data encryption of transacted information over HTTPS, either using Terra Dotta wildcard SSL certificates or SSL certificates provided by the customer (by customer request). Required bit-length of SSL certificates is 4096 bits.

Transfer of data files to and from Terra Dotta servers for student information systems (SIS), HR or other data integration purposes is done via SSH using SFTP or SCP, which is an industry-standard, secure protocol for file transfer. Uploaded data files are accessed, processed and then deleted from the account-restricted SSH receiving folders.

Terra Dotta uses BitVise WinSSHD as our SSH server. The customer may choose any compatible SSH client for their connection. The recommended, preferred method for authentication is by shared key, which must be provided to Terra Dotta from the client software.

Our network is equipped with Alert Logic Threat Manager, a network-based IDS (intrusion detection service), to identify and respond to any threats and scan for system vulnerabilities.


Terra Dotta Hosting uses Microsoft SQL Server database software. Should your institution desire to move to your own data center at some future time, Microsoft SQL Server would be required in your data center. Professional services are available for conversion to and from other database platforms.

Software Support

Terra Dotta is responsible for performing all software installs and updates to hosted installations. This includes the server operating system, database software, ColdFusion, Terra Dotta software and all hot-fixes, patches and version upgrades.