Travel Registry Integration Overview

This overview describes the various pieces of an integration and estimated technical effort to complete.

SFTP : Terra Dotta will provide each client account with an SSH folder for the transmission of text-only SIS (Student Information System) data files. The client will provide a nightly SFTP of the SIS text file extract(s).

Estimated Effort: 1 hour to generate public/private key pair and test SFTP connection

Custom URL: Both the public and post-login portions of the site will have a custom URL using the institutional domain. (e.g.,, etc.)

Estimated Effort: 1-2 hours to generate an SSL cert and configure DNS

SIS/HR Integration:

The SIS/HR file must be a tab-delimited text file, containing user creation information for all potential campus users of the site, plus additional optional information. A flag to indicating who should be considered as HR will also be included. IT will also need to create a routine to refresh the extract file on a regular basis (e.g., nightly)

    1. Must contain the entire eligible population of potential staff users.

(see SIS/HR Data for more detailed documentation on the required format of the SIS file)

Estimated Effort: 8-16 hours after data fields are agreed upon amongst the functional, campus data stewards, and IT

Authentication: uses the institutional user authentication mechanism. When an integrated user attempts to login to the Terra Dotta system, the system sends a request for user authentication and the user's "UUUID" (Unique, Universal, and Unchanging ID) to the institutional user authentication service. User access is granted based on the response from the institutional system.

Estimated Effort: 2-4 hours of assistance to provide Terra Dotta integration engineers with documentation, network authorizations, testing, and troubleshooting.

Email Forwarding Address: an email address used solely to forward trip confirmation emails must be setup.

Estimated Effort: 1-2 hours to create and setup the forwarding email address.